The Coca-Cola Company is planning to release, in the following weeks, a completely new product. Dasani drops can be squeezed into water, adding a fruity flavor to it. Read more to find out how much will a bag cost and who thought of this kind of product before Coca-Cola.

According to an Associated Press report, the Coca-Cola Company is about to debut a new product. Coming in small, portable bags, the Dasani drops are meant to flavor plain water. John Roddey, vice president of Coca-Cola’s water, tea and coffee business in the US and Canada, believes that “there’s an opportunity beyond just flavored waters”. The growth potential of water flavor drops would eventually encourage the development of similar products and the next logical step, according to Roddey, would be liquid drops for tea.


Coca-Cola to release Dasani drops to flavor water


Dasani drops will come in small bottles, each containing 32 servings. There will be four basic flavors: Strawberry Kiwi, Pink Lemonade, Pineapple Coconut and Mixed Berry. Each Dasani pack will be priced at $4 and will be found on the shelves of every store, in checkout aisles, or in the refrigerated sections. Coca-Cola is planning to expand the market for this product as much as possible.

But the water flavor drops were not invented by Coca-Cola. The first company who thought of it was Kraft, which created MiO water enhancers last year. This year, during the first six months, Kraft’s MiO sales have exceeded $100 million.