Cyber Security Alliance, a group created by IT giant Lockheed Martin, that addresses cyber attacks at an international level, welcomes its newest member – Verizon. The Alliance includes company names such as Microsoft, HP, Symantec, Dell, Intel and others.

A press release issued by Lockheed Martin on Tuesday, announced that Verizon will strengthen the lines of Cyber Security Alliance in fighting cyber attacks. “With its use of technology, broad industry knowledge, and solid portfolio of cyber security solutions, we are pleased to welcome Verizon to the Lockheed Martin Cyber Security Alliance”, stated NexGen Cyber Innovation and Technology Center’s VP Curt Aubley.

Verizon joins the Alliance with the aim of “working together through organizations” to “identify common-sense solutions to combat” the threats in the virtual space and “help ensure the integrity of critical data, applications and systems”. Verizon’s VP Susan Zeleniak adds: “The threats posed by cyber crime are very real and impact every person and organization across the United States and around the world”.


Cyber Security Alliance welcomes new member Verizon


Besides applying their threat-detection systems to the various projects that the Alliance has started, Verizon will also help with the insights gained through the analysis of its annual data breach report. In 2012, the company has analyzed the second largest data loss in the past 8 years, since Verizon has started the “Data Breach Investigations Report” – 855 data breaches and over 174 million compromised records.

“Through close collaboration with the other Alliance members [Microsoft, HP, Symantec, Dell, Intel and others], we will work with Verizon to explore and identify emerging network defense capabilities to support customers in both government and commercial areas”, concluded Curt Aubley.

To learn more on the Cyber Security Alliance, check the Lockheed Martin website.