J.K. Rowling’s first latest novel, “The Casual Vacancy” gets mixed reviews. The book is the first adult novel written by the author of the “Harry Potter” series and will be released today.

Some literature critics believe that J.K. Rowling should have settled for the young audience, while others give her credit for her first adult novel. The 47-year-old author of the “Harry Potter” series has been enjoying the opportunity of exploiting adult themes in her latest book, “The Casual Vacancy”, such as domestic abuse, drug addiction and teenage sex.

J.K. Rowling’s “The Casual Vacancy” gets mixed reviewsThe most aggressive feedback was received from the New York Times’ Michiko Kakutani, who described Rowling’s novel as boring, cliché, abounding in small-minded characters. “One can only admire her gumption in facing up to the overwhelming expectations created by the global phenomenon that was Harry Potter”, wrote Kakutani, adding: “The real-life world she has limned in these pages is so willfully banal, so depressingly cliched that ‘The Casual Vacancy’ is not only disappointing — it’s dull.”

Other publications have described the novel as unworthy of “the media frenzy surrounding it”. The Guardian’s Theo Tait wrote that it may not be a masterpiece, but “The Casual Vacancy” is “not bad at all: intelligent, workmanlike, and often funny”.

The Huffington Post backs up the Guardian’s theory. “Would this book be published if it weren’t for the name on the cover? Almost certainly. Would anyone pay much attention to it, and its message? Probably not”, wrote Andrew Losowsky on the publication’s website.

Monica Hesse, from The Washington Post, wrote one thought that probably most of J.K. Rowling’s fans would share after reading the book: “This book would be a little better if everyone were carrying wands.”

After the experience of writing “The Casual Vacancy”, Rowling said that her next book will probably be a children’s book.