Jessica Simpson signed Weight Watchers deal to lose weightAfter a pregnancy during which she indulged in every gastronomic desire, Jessica Simpson realized she didn’t lose much of her baby weight after the birth of her baby. So, in order to regain the silhouette she had before getting pregnant, she signed a contract with the Weight Watchers.

On May 1, Jessica Simpson gave birth to her first child, daughter Maxwell Drew. That was probably the most emotional moment in her life, which hid under a shade of grey the extra pounds that the first-time mother let accumulate on a nine-month period. Back in March, Jessica was already 170 pounds and the weight continued to add-up.

After giving birth, “I didn’t realize it didn’t all come off with the baby,” Simpson confessed during an interview with “USA Today”. “I let myself indulge in everything I wanted because it was the first time I was ever pregnant, and I wanted to enjoy it”. And, in her own words, that meant “be happy and eat what I wanted.”

Simpson has signed a $ 4million contract with the weight loss company Weight Watchers and since then she has started shedding the extra weight little by little. “I don’t believe in completely depriving myself” says Jessica explaining she was still eating what she wanted, but is now exercising portion control. “I allow myself a fun-size [bag of] M&Ms. I eat one of those, and my craving is satisfied. I don’t need the whole bag of M&Ms.”

Her weight loss plan also includes training with Harley Pasternak four times a week.

The 32-year-old has also become a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Her first commercial will start airing next week. “I feel like everybody can do what I am doing”, says Jessica, encouraging other women who have trouble losing the post-baby fat to try this weight loss recipe. “My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel. I’m just your everyday woman who is trying to feel good and be healthy for her daughter, her fiancé, and herself.”