Meet Simon Baz the Arab American Green LanternDC Comics introduces a new Green Lantern character – Simon Baz, and American of Arab origin. Geoff Johns, DC’s creative officer, is drawing from his own Muslim background to create the new superhero.

Just three months after Green Lantern Alan Scott was portrayed as a gay man, DC Comics widens the character’s nature even more, this time adding a different origin. The latest Green Lantern, Simon Baz is Muslim. The American hero has Lebanese roots.

DC’s creative officer Geoff Johns and Simon Baz share the same ancestry. Baz lives in the Detroit area, the largest Arab-American area in the United States, where johns used to life before moving to Los Angeles. “I thought a lot about it — I thought back to what was familiar to me”, says Johns about his connection with the character’s story, which he sees as very personal.

Fox News shared more details on the inside of Simon Baz’s life. The action takes place in a post 9/11 U.S. Baz has been laid off from his job. He used to work at an auto production unit. Now that he is unemployed, his life becomes even harder adding to the suspicious attitude he gets from the society, as an Arab. He is portrayed as a car thief. “One of the things I really wanted to show was its effect on Simon and his family in a very negative way”, Johns explained to Fox.

Green Lantern fans should know that the Arab version of this superhero is not going to replace Hal Jordan, the original Lantern. Baz’s story will start with a zero issue, which will hit stands on Wednesday.