Argan Oil is the latest trend when it comes to beauty and wellness. The health benefits of using argan oil-based body care products are numerous. Read more to learn what are the characteristics of this exotic ingredient and what are the best argan oil products.

Argan oil is extracted from Argan trees which grow in Morocco. The extract has numerous cosmetic and medicinal properties. It its country of origin it is also used for cooking traditional dishes.

The cosmetics sector uses unroasted argan oil for treating skin conditions and also capillary problems. Its moisturizing and nourishing content is beneficial for all skin types, including greasy ones. Due to its mix of fatty acids, tocopherols, phenols, carotenes and squalene, this exotic oil is considered a youth elixir. Its anti-aging benefits are empowered if mixed with pomegranate seed oil.

Since 2007, when the argan oil has been introduced as an ingredient in cosmetic products by several US-based companies, its use has increased exponentially. The argan oil-based beauty products come in either face of hair serums, masks or creams.

The best Argan Oil productsHere is what the beauty experts recommend:

Moroccan Argan Oil, by Shea Terra – a pure 100% oil beauty serum that can be used daily, by massaging a few drops into your skin. It combats free radical damage, thus maintaining your skin glowy and healthy. Price: $24.

Argan Cleansing Oil, by Josie Maran – this gentle cleanser, that removes make-up and skin impurities, hydrates and keeps the skin’s elasticity, is part of a whole Argan Oil beauty set, including moisturizer, serum foundation a SPF 40 daily serum. Prices range from $32 to $42. The products can be found in Sephora stores.

Weightless Hydrating Mask, by MoroccanOil – this product is offered by MoroccanOil, a beauty products manufacturer specialized in argan oil-based products. This hair mask restores the natural hydration balance of the hair without adding weight to it. Price: $39.