Valentino, in love with old Chinese designItalian fashion designer Valentino is in love with the old Chinese design, whether it is fashion, or architecture, or interior decoration. In the September issue of Architectural Digest, he reveals that a trip to China has changed his perspective on the perfect home.

In the upcoming issue of Architectural Digest, fashion mogul Valentino opens the doors to his castle in France, revealing an opulent interior design, inspired, among other things, by the classic Chinese culture. The designer admits that the Imperial China has had great influence in the creation of each of the rooms of his chateau.

“When I was in Beijing for the first time, in 1993 I saw a collection of old Chinese costumes, and it was one of the great emotional moments of my life”, he tells the magazine. Château de Wideville, built in the 17th century by Louis XIII’s finance minister, was bought by Valentino in 1995. With the help of interior decorator Henri Samuel, he recreated the atmosphere that he so much loved in China.

sep 17aOf all the rooms, Valentino’s favorite is “the winter room”, a bright space which combines elements in the Asian culture: imperial vases, cabinets, coffee tables, chairs and floral wool carpets. Several figures dressed in Chinese traditional costumes, resting on golden wall brackets, are completing the atmosphere.

Another of Valentino’s favorite parts of the estate is a structure built separately – the Pigeoneer. Its original purpose was to house pigeons, but Valentino turned it into a relaxing space, where he reads, or listens to music.

Scoop inside Valentino’s Château de Wideville in the September issue of Architectural Digest, available starting Tuesday, September 11.