Bruno Mars performed his brand new song, “Young Wild Girls”, on  SNL, last week. For an hour and a half, Mars both hosted and sang during the show. His fans were spoiled with two premiere performances.

Mars’ first performance was introduced by the famous actor Tom Hanks and included a well-choreographed routine alongside a full of energy Bruno. The “Young Wild Girls” addressed a lower tempo beat, as the song turned out to be a piano ballad designed to showcase Mars’ vocal abilities. The mellow setting for the second performance had Bruno seating on a stool, accompanied by a string section and keyboard.


Bruno Mars performed “Young Wild Girls” on SNL


The show host segment of Bruno’s performance included a rapping section aiming to take after Justin Bieber, playing an intern forced to karaoke in the Pandora offices, acting like a 17 year old girl and caricaturing Billie Joe Armstrong.

Even though the 27 year old singer acting performance wasn’t backed up by serious acting experience the show was a real success. Bruno admitted that he might have aimed to high with his opening monologue but in the end his performance brought in the audience laughs.

“I’ve never done comedy before, I’ve never acted before, I’ve never even done a shampoo commercial before . . . which is crazy”, the Mars admitted.

The singer and song writer is on the verge or releasing a new album, entitled Unorthodox Jukebox, which is scheduled to premiere a few weeks from now.