Michelle Dunaj, a cancer patient in terminal stage, was humiliated by the TSA officers at the Sea-Tac Airport, Yahoo Shine reports. The woman, who was travelling from Detroit to Hawaii, was forced to undress and let the security officers see her recent surgeries, feeding tubes and IV bags, even though she was assured that none of this would happen.

When Michelle Dunaj decided to take a trip to Hawaii, she thought of it as an “end of life” adventure. Battling leukemia in a terminal stage, she knew that her trip would involve traveling with prescription medicine, so she called the airport in order to make sure she follows the requested protocol. She also requested a wheelchair.


Cancer patient humiliated by TSA at Sea-Tac Airport


Dunaj’s flight went through Seattle. The line she was flying with was Alaska Air. But even though she was assured that everything would be fine, when she arrived at the security check, the officers wanted to search for everything she traveled with. Despite the fact that she had requested for a private search, due to her condition, the officers didn’t change the location, replying that that particular location was fine.

The security personnel opened her bandages from her most recent surgeries, lifted her shirt to see the feeding tubes and even contaminated an IV bag. “It shouldn’t have happened that way-they should be more respectful of people”, Dunaj told, a few days later, KOMO News.

The woman says that she decided to bring this into the public eye of the media, so that other people in similar conditions to hers won’t have to go through what she has experienced. “When somebody wants to take a trip-what I call an ‘end of life’ trip because you want to see your family and friends, it’s even more important than just a trip”.

Sea-Tac officials have yet to comment on the incident.