In an attempt to counterpart the recent news that Apple has an iPad Mini in the making, Google released its new Smartphone on Monday, on an already overpopulated wireless gadgets market.

Google releases new SmartphoneThe company released their new Nexus 4 smartphone, with a starting price of $299 alongside two tablets, the Nexus 7 ($199) and the Nexus 10 ($399) during an even that took place on Monday. All their new devices run the newest Android version and will be up for purchase at the start of November.

Google had to give up their original location for the release event, New York, due to the Hurricane Sandy.

The Google smartphones are not the only devices to run on an Android operating system. The company licenses the use of their Jelly Bean, familiar term for their operating system, to Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets and to Amazon’s Kindles. The idea is to create a large enough environment to keep the users satisfied. As such, Google and their Android offer access to apps, music, books all available at the Play Store. The more relevant content and variety the environment offers, the more likely are the users to remain loyal to the devices specific to a certain ecosystem. In most cases the content designed for one type of platform does not transfer on any of the rival ones.

Google was not the only Apple competitor ready to launch a new smartphone in order to retaliate at the news of the upcoming iPad Mini. Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer described their new smartphone line as “one of the best, if not the best, hardware you’ll find”. Their devices will become available for purchase in November.