Halloween candy: yucky looks, tasty flavors? Fingers crossed as we revise the top 10 most nauseating looking candy for this year.

oct 62aThe vampire fans are in for a treat this fall as shops are filled with ‘bloody’ foods and candies. The Dracula Drool, for example, is a vial filled with not just blood but the dripping hemoglobin-stained saliva from the Count’s fangs. Catchy? Catchy!

Cotton candy has always been a favorite for Halloween, however this year sweets enthusiasts can choose between Vampire Hair and Werewolf Hair if they are in for an edgy sensation: flossy candy that explodes when touching the tongue.

In close third comes the Candy Eyeballs, made of candy corn and appropriately stuck on forks, along side, the king size Pick’ n Lick sugar cotton swab filled with ear wax colored powder.

Who doesn’t feel like being a mutant for one day, especially if it involves dressing up, scary movies and tones of sour candy? The Toxic Waste barrels can do just the trick provided one can suck on the strong flavored sour candy for a whole minute and become a full toxic head. Anything below deems the try a mere wannabe.

Halloween candy: yucky looks, tasty flavorsNothing gross about a rubbery candy snake. How about one that not only resembles in size, shape and color a real snake but lasts for a whole day? According to the box fine print, if one starts eating this candy at dawn, they will be only half way through by midday.

Bloody Finger, Bloody Energy Potion or Bloody Sushi? Let’s see! The French-Fried Gummy Candy Fingers with Liquid Candy Blood come in the shape of human fingers, stuck in a French fries cardboard box with a side packet of blood condiment. The Bloody Energy Drink is an IV line of a synthetic blood substitute for vampires that must be heated up to 98.6 F before one can engorge. Pick and choose!

Lastly, no yucky Halloween candy list can leave out the Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans designed to taste like dirt, rotten eggs and vomit.