Ian Ziering’s wife, Erin Ludwig, is expecting again. According to People magazine, the couple is happy with the prospect of their family enlarging pretty soon.

Ian Ziering’s wife expecting againIan Ziering, 48, told People, in a recent interview, that he always wanted to have a family and he feels blessed with the news of having another baby. “Having a second child is the realization of a dream come true”, he added.

Ian and Erin got married in May 2010 and had their first child in April 2011. Their daughter Mia Loren is slowing fitting in her upcoming role of big sister, as she begins to understand there will be another baby in the house soon.

At start Ian and Erin would show Mia her mommy’s belly and say ‘baby’, now the 18 months old herself points at the bump and happily exclaims “Baby!”.

Erin will give birth to her second child in May 2013 and the couple is yet to learn the sex of their future baby.

This is Ian’s second marriage. He was previously husband to former Playboy playmate Nikki Schieler for four years and a half. They marriage ended in 2002.

Ziering became famous when playing the character Steve of the notorious series “Beverly Hills, 90210”. Since then he competed on the show “Dancing with the Stars” and recently acted as guest star on “Happily Divorced”. Awaiting the birth of his new baby, Ziering is involved in several projects as he continues to act, produce, direct and pitch TV show ideas.