In the latest issue of Vogue, Kate Upton is interviewed about her “curvy” silhouette and reveals the recipe for an iconic body. Surprisingly for a supermodel, starvation is not part of her everyday routine.

Kate Upton about iconic body recipeIf you’re feeling down about your body and envy those slim physiques on the runway, you must read the interview with Kate Upton on Vogue. The supermodel, who crowned her icon status with the Sports Illustrated photo shoot, talks about the most common mistakes that women do when they aspire to a supermodel silhouette.

In Kate’s opinion, starvation is not the way to achieve a great body figure. “I don’t want to starve myself”, says the model as a replica to those considering her too curvy for the catwalk. She explains that starving yourself means lack of self-confidence. Plus, “I still want to hang out with my family and be a normal girl”, she adds.

Upton reveals that, like the majority of women, she also tries out clothes that don’t fit, when on a shopping spree. “You go shopping and you’re not the same size in every brand — some look good on you and others don’t”. Being able to accept this is also part of a healthy confidence in yourself.

Now, many of you will say that it is easier for a girl who looks like Kate Upton to be self-confident, as her looks are almost perfect. Well, a body like that always requires maintenance. As she reveals to Vogue, she is following some healthy eating, exercising and sleeping rules. And it’s not always easy. But hard work has paid off.

When talking about her icon status, Kate is proud of having become one and is happy to receive compliments and inspire people her age, “people who could be my friends”. “Now that the fashion industry likes the idea of me, I’m happy if I can have an influence.”