In the latest episode of the “The New Normal” series, Matt Lauer becomes Halloween costume for Nene Leakes.

Matt Lauer becomes Halloween costume for Nene LeakesBryan, played by Andrew Rannells, decides to decorate his house to make it the most appealing one on the block and pushes the idea of having everyone dressed in group Halloween costumes. The least allowed to decline is of course his assistant, Rocky brought to life by none other than NeNe Leakes.

A short clip shared by NBC with the Clicker, depicts Rocky in her costume as the image of absolute distaste for her boss’s choice of costume. When demanding to be told who she was supposed to be impersonating, Bryan replies “Matt Lauer from the TODAY show! He handles hard hitting news and cooking segments with equal aplomb!”.

If interested to figure out how a Matt Lauer costume fits in with Bryan’s theme of choice “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” then watch the Halloween episode of “The New Normal” on NBC. The episode is supposed to have a bit of everything for everyone as it is required from a Halloween special. A sneak peak shows an assortment of laugh out loud moments, some “awwww” reaction inducing clips and one major plot segment that is meant to substantially push the story forward. Even though Honey Boo Boo doesn’t actually make an appearance in the Halloween episode, her presence is felt all through the half an hour of entertainment.

Entitled “Para-New Normal Activity”, the new show’s episode features actress Nicole Richie as guest start playing Bryan’s BFF and George Takei.

The Halloween-themed episode airs this Tuesday, starting with 10:30 in the evening.