Nicki Minaj to Mariah Carey: “I’m gonna knock you out!”During an audition yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina, Nicki Minaj snapped at Mariah Carey. “I’m gonna knock you out”, she yelled, TMZ reports.

Mariah Carey managed to push Nicki Minaj to her limits. During an audition taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina, the eccentric-looking rapper lashed out at the mother of twins, yelling that she was tired of being “patronized” by the pop diva.

In the video posted by TMZ, Minaj can be seen raising her voice, responding to some inaudible feedback that she gets from Carey and totally ignoring Keith Urban’s efforts of calming the spirits.

“Every time you patronize me, I’m-ma take it back, and if you’ve got a f**king problem, handle it” Nicki is heard saying. “I told them I’m not f**kin’ putting up with her f**king highness over there. Figure it the f**k out. Figure it out.”

Carey is talking back but it is not clear what she is saying.

The fight reportedly started from different opinions regarding a contestant’s performance.

The producers have, indeed, tried to handle the situation. The auditions have been suspended for the day, thus giving time to the two divas to calm down.

When Mariah was in talks for the “American Idol”, Minaj wasn’t yet on the jury list. But later, when the producers made the decision of bringing the hip hop artist to the judging table, and they informed Carey, she reportedly became upset and hung up the phone.

Even though back in 2010 the two singers were in very good terms, collaborating on Mariah’s song, “Up Out of My Face”, now, the producers are a bit worried for how the “Idol” collaboration might turn out.