Rod Stewart biography is out and ready to present to the fans his 67-year-long life and career. Entitled “Rod: The Autobiography”, the book is a compendium of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll related stories.

Rod Stewart biography outIn a interview for Access Hollywood, Rod told Michelle Beadle that people are often mistaken in describing his life. When it comes to his love affairs people have the misconception that the legendary rock star has been involved with thousands upon thousands of girls. “I haven’t,” Rod told Michelle. “I’ve probably had 50 or 60.”

In his book, Steward talks about all the ladies who made a serious impact over the years, both on his heart and in his bed, revealing he was quite a heartbreaker until he met his sixth wife, Rachel Hunter. He married Rachel when she was 21 and the 24 years difference in age between the two ended up to be too much to overcome in a long time relationship. She broke his heart when leaving him. Rod told Michelle that it was probably the fact that his young wife couldn’t get used to permanently living in her husband’s shadow as well as her age and lack of life experience that eventually broke them apart. However, the two are currently best friends.

Rod has also revealed stories about his drug abuse period. He describes himself as never an addict or a rehab patient. He never allowed the drug use to interfere with his family life or his relationships. In his own words, Rod was just a social user. However, his band mate Ron Wood didn’t show same restraint. He managed to burn a whole through his nasal septum as a result of cocaine use.

Steward’s new holiday album “Merry Christmas, Baby” will be released on Tuesday.