Images of Santa smoking are deemed by the society as a big no no. As more and more smoking induced health related issues are revealed to the public, the society’s attitude towards any glamorizing of such threats becomes less and less forgiving.

Pamela McColl had her efforts to remove the Santa smoking scenes from the classic “Night Before Christmas” featured in a Sunday report of the Christian Post. She spent over $ 200,000 during this endeavor.

Her actions were fuelled by her personal loss. Several people in McColl’s life passed away due to smoking related health problems. This was her way of trying to make a difference. She told LA Times that knowing how a lot of people her own age have already lost someone to this threat, she considered the project as a great way to make a change.


Santa smoking, a big no no


McColl went to the extreme in remaking the movie, as she released her own version of the classic “Night Before Christmas” in which the scene that reveals Santa as a smoker is completely taken out.

According to the Guardian, The National Coalition Against Censorship deemed McColl’s actions as an overprotective act towards children. “Putting children in an insulation bubble, hoping to protect them from anything their parents may deem harmful, is not only impossible, it is unproductive”, the organization added for the Guardian.

Santa’s image never depicted an ‘in perfect health’ character, with all the cookies eating and lack or exercise, however his smoking habits seem to not sit well with the current society way of thinking.