Just as great as your best mate at work, the best suited pants for your body type will prove to be dependable, versatile and a nice professional touch for your office style. But which tailoring option goes best with what shape? Sit back as we revise the best suited pants by body type.

Suited pants for your body typeFull Hips and Thighs figures should opt for dark colored structured fabrics or stretching materials, tailored in straight or wide leg fittings and should avoid wearing clothing items equipped with vertical side pockets placed in the thigh area. They will only make hips look wider. The best options to bring the outfit together can be: tucked in tops or nipped in jackets, which will emphasize the small waist and bring out the feminine curves, and hills.

For figures that show a bit of tummy, women should stay clear of zips that go on the side of the pants, pooch-puffing pleats and rise styles that go too low or too high. In this case the best options are fabrics that include a small percent of spandex, which can successfully prevent the pants from either stretching out too much or digging in. Pants in straight or flared cuttings will give the figure an hourglass appearance. This type of look goes well with an untucked in top and long draped scarves.

For Petite figures sleek shapes are the best. Cropped pants and vertical elements help elongate the ensemble. However, baggy trousers and wide cuffs can overwhelm petite figures and break up the line of the legs. The best way to pair the cropped pants for this body type is with a monochromatic outfit that helps in giving length to the legs.

Tall figures are best suited by wearing pleats, items with big and bold detailing, super flared or tapered pants. To be avoided are the Capris which can leave a tall person look like their pants got shrunk in the washing machine. Tall frames pants go best with horizontal prints tops, long cardigans and waist defining belts.