In the upcoming issue of Us Weekly, Tori Spelling talks about the problems she and her fourth baby battled during the pregnancy. “We almost didn’t make it”, reads the title of the interview with the 39-year-old actress.

Tori Spelling talks about 4th pregnancy problems Tori Spelling gave birth to her fourth child, son Finn Davey, on August 30, 2012. The two celebrated one challenging journey. “We almost didn’t make it”, the 39-year-old mother told Us Weekly six weeks later.

When she was twenty two weeks pregnant, Tori was rushed to the hospital with blood dripping down her legs. There, after emergency treatment and consultations, she learned that she had a condition named placenta previa. It describes the rare case in which the placenta is formed at the opening or the cervix, covering it partially or totally. The bleeding is not accompanied by pain and some pregnant women with placenta previa feel contractions, as well.

The doctors investigating Tori said that the main causes for the condition were the three cesarean sections that she had with her previous kids and the timing of baby Finn’s conception, which was only a month after the birth of daughter Hattie Margaret. Plus, “the greater number of pregnancies a woman carries, the higher likelihood that she will have a placenta previa”, added Dr. David Finke, an ob-gyn from Beverly Hills, when asked for his expert opinion by ABC News. Dr. Finke did not treat Tori.

Baby Finn was delivered through a C-section and was as healthy as a newborn could be. Tori, however, battled other problems before being able to leave the hospital. The scar from the C-section ruptured and she had emergency surgery which kept her in hospital for two more weeks. She is now at home, resting and enjoying her extended family.

Tori Spelling is married to actor Dean McDermott and have four children together: 5-year-old Liam Aaron, 4-year-old Stella Doreen, 1-year-old Hattie Margaret and six-weeks-old Finn Davey.

After going through so much with her fourth baby, Tori thinks she will most likely stop at four.