Both AT&T and Verizon recently launched Nokia’s Lumia line of Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Feels like the recent sold outs registered for their competitors’ discounted Google Nexus 4 pushed Nokia to adjust their offer for the holidays season.

AT&T and Verizon Launch Nokia’s Lumia WP8AT&T released the Lumia 820 and the exclusive Lumia 920 on November 9th, two days after pre-orders were made available. Verizon is only taking pre-orders at the moment for their own exclusive Lumia 822 and will most likely begin shipping the products to their customers starting Tuesday. Another exclusive Lumia product will be launched closer to the holiday season with the T-Mobile, the 810 version.

With Verizon joining AT&T and T-Mobile in carrying its debut smartphones line and Microsoft recently releasing their Windows 8 OS for PC and tablets, Nokia has an actual chance of creating its own niche on an already heavily populated market.

The interest shown by Nokia toward winning over the U.S. smartphone market is determined by its huge influence over other markets worldwide as well as its ability to create a snowball effect once adopting a new product. AT&T backing up their Lumia line is an added bonus for Nokia, as carrier support proved instrumental for other brands’ success in the past. AT&T is the exclusive carrier of the high-end Lumia 9xx.

However, the Lumia line launches at the same time as two of its strongest competitors, the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy Note II. The only way Nokia can keep up with its rivals is by capitalizing on Microsoft’s upcoming holidays push for their new Windows operating system and align their Lumia launch to coincide.