Birth control pills might become available without prescription. A group of medical experts is trying to make the project become reality.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists considers that, if birth control pills were available as over-the-counter drugs in pharmacies, women would be more likely to use them and the number of unwanted pregnancies would diminish.

Birth control pills, available without prescriptionEven though the idea itself is far from new, the group claims that the approach is different, as it is supported by a large body of evidence that shows the contraceptive pills are effective and safe.

Some women consider that having the birth control pills available without prescription would reduce the hassle of frequent doctor visits as well as reduce the co-pay. Others raise the issue of teenagers possibly acting irresponsibly when using the drugs once they become so easily obtainable. Furthermore, such a practice could deepen the gap between parents and astray children and enable them to keep a very important part of their lives free of supervision.

The Food and Drug Administration is willing to meet with any pharmaceutical company that shows interest in selling contraceptive pills using the over-the-counter policy. However, such a company would need to run studies in order to prove that only the right people would be allowed to buy the medication, excluding for example the women who present a high risk of getting a stroke or developing blood clots.

At the moment, it is unclear if any pharmaceutical company is actually considering seeking governmental permission for selling birth control pills without prescription. No one really expects the medication to be sold over-the-counter any time soon.