Justin Bieber opens up about “genuine” Selena GomezIn an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Justin Bieber opened up about “genuine” Selena Gomez. The 18-year-old pop star chatted about his two-year long relationship as well as the hard patches he had to go through while growing up in the spotlight.

The interview, recorded in advance in October, took place prior to the recent fall out the couple underwent. At the time of the chat with Oprah, Bieber spoke highly of Selena, depicting her as the perfect girlfriend, her most lovable feature being the ability to act truly genuinely.

“She has a good heart and I can talk to her about anything,” he told his host on the “Oprah’s Next Chapter” which aired on Sunday. When talking about their frequent caught on film by the paparazzi PDA moments, the pop singer reasoned they simply cannot help themselves. Every time the couple reunites, they cannot keep their hands off each other.

Following the topic of his favorite things, Oprah inquired about Bieber’s top things he couldn’t live without. The teen sensation was quick to name his laptop and iPhone. Bieber also mentioned Smallville and Friends as his favorite shows, and the Crunch Berries and the frosted Mini-Wheats as his all time choice in cereals. The pop star revealed a major crush on Beyoncé, Selena aside of course!

Bieber displayed a down to earth demeanor during his interview, humble and quick to smile. He considered his fast raise to fame nothing short of extraordinary, although his career did take a toll on his personal life. The pop star has only three friends he can call truly good and close.