Playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick” pushed forward Lindsay Lohan’s comeback to showbiz but the outcome displays all the makings of a disaster.

Lindsay Lohan’s comeback: the makings of a disasterThe 26-year-old actress was due a serious project after five years of personal life drama and legal troubles. Lohan spent her break from acting getting past public humiliations, visiting rehab facilities, getting arrested and spending time in jail. Due or not, the comeback as Taylor fails to impress. Lohan’s grasp on Liz’s personality as well as her commitment to the role are far from showing the professional maturity Lohan claims to have achieved over her troubled past half a decade.

The movie’s storyline follows closely the volatile relationship between Liz and Richard Burton, played by Grant Bowler, a love affair with plenty of ups and downs. The violet-eyed beauty married Burton twice, and twice divorced him.

The two actresses have two things in common. They have both started their careers at an early age, rapidly becoming child acting stars, as well as kept the tabloids interested for years on, most of the times for less than good reasons.

In a recent interview for Us Weekly, Lindsay told reporter Jennifer Peros that her harsh past helped her relate with Taylor’s life story and made her a better person and actress. She even went as far as comparing herself with the Cleopatra icon and felt she showed more professionalism when filming. “Elizabeth was drunk on sets. I’ve never been drunk on set, ever,” she said.

Yet, the actual result shows no serious signs of commitment to her part or professional maturity. Lohan fails to grasp Taylor’s childish voice and demeanor, which she displayed well into her 20s, and ends up serving a blank stare, frozen face and raspy tone. The scene where Liz is upset for putting on a few pounds lacks any resemblance to a credible moment in the star’s life, as Lohan strongly declined gaining the least amount of weight to visually support the scene.

All in all, the movie lacks the edge Taylor and Burton displayed throughout their lives, with a Bowler playing a much too soft and modest Burton and a Lohan unable to relate to a life and psyche much like her own.