A Miss America contestant will be undergoing a double mastectomy next year, just in case. The reason behind the decision is, however, a genetic mutation that she carries and that increases the risk for breast cancer. The beauty queen talked about her future plans on “Good Morning America”.

Miss America contestant undergoing double mastectomy, just in caseThe 24-year-old contestant, Allyn Rose – new Miss District of Colombia, suffered the loss of her mother to the disease eight years ago. She recently revealed that she plans to go through with the procedure to preserve her health.

Rose chatted about her future plans during her feature on “Good Morning America” and said she doesn’t understand why people are so confused of her choosing life over beauty. All that is at stake at the moment are physical attributes, the stereotypical Hollywood type. She is determined not to allow her beauty related goals to distract her from preserving her own health.

For the Miss America pageant Rose chose to build her platform around breast cancer. She feels excited at the thought of sharing her message with of all America. “It’s the most iconic swimsuit pageant in the world, and a year from now my body won’t be the same body as it is then. I want to showcase that this is what my body looks like now. But if I were to win this, if I lose my breasts, it doesn’t make me less of a Miss America,” she told “Good Morning America”.

Even though her doctors are split when advising her, Rose is determined to make a proactive decision. Given her mother was first diagnosed when she was 27, only a few years older than her daughter is now, putting off the surgery just because she isn’t ill yet is far from reassuring. The chances are 50-50 at the moment.

Should Rose win Miss America, she plans to go through with the procedure in January 2014 after all her crown related responsibilities would have been concluded.