“Rise of the Guardians” got great reviews. Santa, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and the Sandman team up in a fierce battle against evil, Avengers style!

Sweet, cute and all around charming, this season’s children holiday cartoon, “Rise of the Guardians” got positive reviews. The team of holiday characters are however far from their classic versions. Santa Claus, voiced by Alec Baldwin, is Russian, the Easter Bunny, Hugh Jackman, is Australian, the Tooth Fairy, Isla Fisher, looks like a flying mermaid and the Sandman is unable to talk. And to top the bunch off enters Jack Frost, Chris Pine, a character who can freeze anything with a mere touch but cannot remember a thing about his life prior to becoming Frosty.


“Rise of the Guardians” gets great reviews


Any story needs a villain and “Rise of the Guardians” has a nasty one. Pitch, brought to life by Jude Law, is this boogeyman like, creepy figure who deprives children of their fair dreams. His black horses fly around giving kids nightmares and looking like creatures freshly out of a Harry Potter novel.

The group dynamics are as funny as they are unexpected. Santa is the boss, the Easter Bunny is far from the fluffy and cuddly creature one would expect him to be, the Sandman is tough and sweet at the same time and ends up stealing the show and Jack Frost gradually changes from this lonely outsider who stirs up snowball fights into a true Guardian fitting nicely within the group.

The Guardians’ primer goal is to preserve children’s innocence in the face of Pitch’s dark mood spell. Jack is added to the group following the Man in the Moon’s recommendation, even though reluctantly at first. Pitch targets the guardians one by one while the belief lights begin to go out all around the globe.

With a nicely resurrected character children can relate to, Jack Frost, a convoluted plot and sassy spins on classic fairytale beings, “Rise of the Guardians” is a must-see during the holidays.