A Tulsa man was arrested for keeping his toddler in a dog cage. According to an Associated Press report, the police discovered the 18-month-old baby girl locked in a metal cage while the dad was taking a nap.

Tulsa man arrested for keeping toddler in cageThe police officials told the press that, upon arriving at the home of William Todd Lewallen, in Tuksa, they found a baby locked in a cage, a 4 year-old naked girl left outside in the cold afternoon weather and the dad asleep in a “drug or alcohol induced stupor.”

The police arrived at the scene after being called by a concerned neighbor who noticed the young girl walking outside naked in the low temperature on Sunday afternoon, around 4 p.m. Upon receiving no answer when knocking on the front door, the neighbor decided to involve the authorities and called the police.

Officer Leland Ashley, the Tulsa police spokesman, told the press that the officers had to force their way inside the residence when a child locked in a cage was spotted from outside the window and upon receiving no answer to the knocks as well. The toddler was found covered in feces while a third child, 3 years old, was asleep in a different room.

The Department of Human Services took custody of the three children and the man was arrested for child neglect. The Associated Press refrained from actually naming the dad in question in an attempt to protect the children’s identity. According to the Tulsa police department, the three weren’t showing signs of physical injury.

The children’s mother arrived home from work as the police officers were leaving the scene. She wasn’t arrested and her name wasn’t released either.

The father is currently in the Tulsa County jail, with a bond set to $50,000, pending his court hearing set for November 19th.