Recent polls of the US elections show Obama ahead of his competitor Romney, but only by a slight margin.US elections: polls show Obama ahead

The two candidates lead a strong finale to their across the country campaigns. President Obama seems to have secured an edge in enough key states as to ensure himself a second term, however Mitt Romney comes in a very close second with serious claims to un-sit the current president.

The nation wide polling showed some late voters siding with Obama which might actually prevent the election taking weeks to be concluded due to disputed ballots. However, the president leads the opinion polls by a very short margin, within the statistical one, meaning the games are still open and any one of the two candidates can claim the win.

Romney being elected would mark the forth consecutive national change election in a row, including the Democrats taking over Congress in 2006, Obama’s win in 2008 and the Republicans claim of power in the House in 2010.

During their last public appearance as candidates, the two opponents talked about the essence of the future they wish to set for the United States as possible presidents. Romney talked about real change and reasserted the features that qualify him for the Oval Office: successful businessman, Winter Olympics chief, governor of Massachusetts. Obama retaliated: “I know what real change looks like. We’ve got more change to make.”

The President considers that the voters have to choose between returning to the top-down kind of policies considered the cause of the current economy crisis or building a future for the USA based on a growing strong middle class with opportunities for everybody.