“Walking Dead” fans were in shock after watching the most recent episode. Being the strong hearted bunch they have to be in order to digest the constant flow of horrifying developments the series’ writers keep throwing their way, the WD fans were in for a highly emotional treat this week. If you have not watched the episode yet, beware, spoilers ahead!


“Walking Dead” fans shocked by recent episode


Sunday’s episode, “Killer Within”, made quite a few jaws drop, as two of the characters who have been with the show ever since its beginning, have found their deaths. T-Dog, played by IronE Singleton, and Lori, Sarah Wayne Callies, were written out of the show although their deaths did not occur at the same time, nor in the same manner.

T-Dog died the old fashioned Walking Dead style, torn apart by a pack of zombies, while Lori stole a tear from even the more kept together fans in a powerful, heartbreaking death scene. She gave birth to her new baby boy via c-section but did not make it and died from blood loss. The punch line, if there was even need for such a thing, was her son, Carl, having to shoot his mom down to prevent her from waking up as a zombie.

The series’ fans were caught off guard by such a tremendous loss of characters taking place so early in the new season, as such events were usually saved for the mid-season or season finales. Reactions of both celebrities watching the show as well as random fans flooded Twitter once the episode was over.

Jason Alexander, former “Seinfeld” star wrote: “OMFG The Walking Dead tonite!!!!! OMFG. Literally took my breath away. This show is insane. I am in complete shock. Wow.”

“The Middle”’s Patricia Heaton was shaken by Lori’s death and shared her emotions with her followers in a Tweet that read: “I hate when I cry over fictional characters! #WalkingDead.”

There were however, fans who were more sad to see T-Dog go than Lori, a character who seems to have had as many fans as it had people actually happy to see her written out of the cast. Video gamer “Morpheus Himself” wrote: “”Kinda happy to see Lori die in this last episode of Walking Dead. She was beginning to annoy me haha.”