“Wreck-it Ralph”, the latest Disney animated movie, gets positive reviews. The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Huffington Post and many other publications describe it as a “wacky comic adventure” that dazzles the audience and celebrates the video-game nostalgia.

“Wreck-it-ralph” is an animation created by Disney, about the life of video game characters, when they are played with by game users, but, more interestingly, when they aren’t. The characters, when the users, and especially kids, aren’t making the moves, have an independent will and life their own lives.

As we are used to, in the games, some characters are good, some are bad. But when the games are turned off, these characters aren’t good or bad. Their villain or heroic nature is more like a job they have to do. This is the idea that stands behind the Disney movie.

Ralph is “the bad guy”. But one day, he grows tired of getting hit and kicked. For once, he wants to be a good guy. So he leaves his video game in order to find another one, one that he could fit in as a good guy.


“Wreck-it Ralph” gets positive reviews


Los Angeles Times Film Critic Betsy Sharkey writes that “Wreck-It” digs deeper, without getting too heavy”, regarding the social ideas are presented in the virtual world – the isolation it can breed, the inculcation of a winner/loser class divide, the very social strata that turn out to be remarkably fragile when someone resists.”

According to USA Today, “with ‘Wreck-it-Ralph’ Disney is clearly trying to do for the video arcade world what Toy Story did for tangible playthings, which is to humanize them into fully realized, engaging characters.”

“Along the way, Ralph takes viewers on a nostalgic trip through the history of video games”, the Huffington Post writes, “from the blocky, eight-bit look of the `80s through the swirly, colorful, Nintendo 64-inspired games of the `90s to the gritty, ultra-detailed first-person shooters of today.”

“Wreck-it-Ralph” hit theaters in 3D, on November 3.

See the trailer below: