After the Newtown school ground shooting of 20 children on Friday terrified parents all over America, bulletproof backpacks now sell as hotcakes. According to and Daily News, parents pay up to $300 to protect their kids in school.

A company in Salt Lake City decided that there is a need for a new product on the market. Recently, Amendment II started manufacturing backpacks that are built with carbon nanotube armor, a signature material that is designed to keep the children safe while at school.

Bulletproof backpacks sell as hotcakesThe backpacks come in three models – the Avengers model, created for boys, the Disney Princess model, designed for girls and a SwissGear model, intended for teenagers.

So if you think your children should have a backpack like this, here are some helpful details:

The bulletproof backpacks don’t weight more than regular backpacks. They have a RynoHide carbon nanotube armor sewed in the back panel. They feature a bottle holder, an exterior pocket and a headphone exit port.

According to the company’s website, they can easily be moved from the back to the front, in case of danger. At the moment, the website offers a single model in three different colors, plus the option of retrofitting your own backpack with RynoHide carbon nanotube armor.

The price for a bulletproof backpack is $300.

Other companies sell bulletproof backpacks as wel. One of them is BulletBlocker, which sells a transparent model for $235.