In the era of high-tech gadgets and smartphones, the wrist watches have become more of an accessorizing item than an actual tell-the-time one. For those of you who must have the newest top notch gadgets, here are the five coolest high tech watches.

The HD3 Slyde retails for $10,998 and comes with an impressive number of components and movements, all packed in a black PVD steel and rose gold case. The watch has a shot-peened sapphire screen and a LED sapphire crystal cover screen that conforms to the curves of the wrist.

Five coolest high tech watchesThe most expensive wrist watch on the list is by far the de Grisogono Occhio that has three repeaters in one. The $300,000 item is a masterpiece of craftsmanship as the three repeaters in one feature is incredibly hard to achieve. The feature enables the watch to have a chime alarm that goes off for specific time intervals, much like a Grandfather Clock that chimes on the hour.

The $129 Kisai Uzumaki might have a name that sounds straight out of a sushi restaurant menu, but the Japanese meaning of it is actually “whirlpool” and the actual design does the name justice. The watch is adorned with descending concentric lenses and hands that pin in the center, with the hour hand on the outside edge and the minute one on the inside. The device is back-lit and can be submerged.

Seiko came up with a solar powered $3100 wrist watch made of stainless steel. The Astron preserves the classical Seiko style that goes well with any outfit and any occasion but packs up a few high tech goodies of its own. The watch is equipped with a GPS controlled time and time zone adjustment, world time functions that recognize 39 time zones via satellite and a perpetual calendar.

The Gentleman’s Faceless Watch is a chameleon device that sells for $149.95 and has the appearance of a fancy stainless steel bracelet. However, with a simple press on the side of the watch, the previously hidden red LEDs light up and show the time. The top row shows the hour and the lower row the minutes. The device also tells the date.