For some, Santa delivers the gifts directly under their Christmas tree. For others, though, the presents need to take the form of wrapped carbon boxes and be first delivered by truck to the doorway before they can make it inside the house. For the latter, here are a few ways you can pay less for the holidays gifts shipment!

How to pay less for holiday gifts shipmentThere are three major providers you can rely on to carry your packages across the country: FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service, and all three of them promise to whisk them anywhere by the following day. But will such an expedited service option make a serious dent in your shipping budget for the holidays gifts? Lets take a closer look!

According to, when comparing a variety of services from all three providers, the Postal Office seems to be the cheapest method of shipment.

For example, let’s take a 5-pound package leaving from San Francisco and heading to New York City that needs to reach its destination by noon the next day. The overnight service from FedEx or UPS would cost $85.07 for delivery by 3 p.m. and $91.76 by 10:30, while the same service from the Postal Office costs only $52.20 with a guaranteed delivery by noon. If you were to print the shipping label at home and schedule the pick up using, then the cost would go as low as $39.14.

What sets the services apart is the fact that FedEx and UPS usually offer a larger variety of expedited shipping methods and guaranteed delivery times, but do so for higher prices.

The utmost cheapest way to ship a package is by Postal Service Media Mail, which charges only $4.15 for a 5-pound parcel and $6.19 for a 10-pound one, leaving from either San Francisco or New York. But these costs have restrictions, as they only apply if you are shipping out books or DVDs. For other types of items, you can use the Postal Service Parcel Post which offers lower costs than FedEx Home Delivery and UPS Ground but longer traveling periods. As such, the Parcel Post takes six days to get your package to Chicago and eight days to San Francisco, whereas the other two services need two days for a Chicago delivery and five days for a San Francisco one.

The most substantial savings come from shipping boxes with the Postal Office due to their policy of maintaining the same price regardless of weight and destination as long as the contains fit in one of their pre-sized boxes.

When deciding what option is best for your particular case, keep in mind that the cheapest way might not always be the best way. Convenience, reliability and customer satisfaction should also factor in your decision. FedEx is the leader when it comes to customer satisfaction and the Postal Service loses when convenience is in question due to shorter working hours. However, the Postal Service is the only one who offers free Saturday delivery for all shipments.