Jane Fonda: new workout DVD at age 74Jane Fonda will be releasing a brand new workout DVD at the age of 74. The footage entitled “Jane Fonda Prime Time: AM/PM Yoga for Beginners” includes routines dedicated to the baby boomer generation and older.

Fonda became an iconic figure for the workout industry when she released her first routine videos in the 1980s, which rapidly became the most popular on the market. Thirty years after releasing her famous “Jane Fonda’s Workout”, that sold in over 17 million copies worldwide, the actress is still sculpting, toning and looking incredible. However, the leotards and leg warmers trademark outfit didn’t make it into the latest videos, where Fonda wears a more modest looking workout gear.

In an interview for CNN filmed on Tuesday, the actress, who has released over 20 fitness videos over the years, told the reporter that what keeps her motivated when exercising is how great she feels afterwards. “I don’t wake up saying, ‘Oh goody, I am going to work out.’ But I do it because of how it makes me feel when it’s over. … If I’ve felt depressed or down at all, it picks me up and makes me feel great,” she added.

Due to her age as well as the hip and knee replacement surgeries, Fonda cannot stick to the same routines she used to in her youth. However, the actress thinks the biggest mistake a person can do when it comes to working out is giving it all up just because they cannot do what they once could. The important thing is to continue doing something, however far from the original routine.

Even though her exercising helped a lot with keeping her body in shape and making her look amazing in her 70s, the actress confessed for “Access Hollywood” that she had some plastic surgery done over the years. Fonda never went for radical surgery, but only subtle touches, not removing the wrinkles but rather losing the under eye bags.

The actress received two Academy Awards during her acting career but to this day thinks that she might be better known for her fitness videos than her movies, even though the original routine tape was filmed with the minimum equipment required, no makeup or hair artists and following a script written on the floor of a hotel room.