L.A. Reid announced he is quitting “X Factor”. According to Access Hollywood, the judge will not be taking part in the show starting next season.

L.A. Reid quits “X Factor”In an exclusive interview with Shaun Robinson, Reid talked about the reasoning behind his decision, namely his position as chairman and CEO of Epic Records, which has been neglected lately. “I have to go back and I have a company to run that I’ve kind of neglected and it saddens me a little bit, but only a little bit,” he said.

Even though being a part of the show was undoubtedly a nice break from a job he has been performing for 20 years, “now I gotta go back to work, ” he added. Once back to Epic Records, Reid plans to also return to his responsibility of grooming and nurturing the company’s roster of artists.

The X Factor judge said he was leaving the show while still on good terms with his fellow judge and “show boss” Simon Cowell. He deemed their relationship as friendly as they have fun together, talk, laugh. Furthermore, L.A. showed his respect for Cowell as well as his gratitude. “I owe so much to Simon,” he added.

Leaving the show, Reid takes with him a great deal of knowledge and a better understanding of the way television works, which he plans to apply in his future business approach, but had no regrets, as the time spent on the show turned out to be lots of fun.

However, L.A. doesn’t rule out possibly reuniting with the show sometime in the future and gave a suggestion as to who he would love to see take his place in the judge box. “My choice would be like Jon Bon Jovi,” he said.