One of Madonna’s most famous outfits, the cone bras, were auctioned recently for $80,000. According to The Guardian, the clothing items were originally designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and were the statement piece for the megastar’s 1990 “Blonde Ambition” tour.

Madonna’s Cone Bras auctioned for $80,000Two of the cone shaped bras sold at a Christie auction in London for almost $80,000. Originally, the fringed candy-striped couture corset was supposed to be worth between $16,000 and $24,000. However, the statement piece clothing item was sold for more than double that amount, due to an anonymous bidder who went as high as $52,000 for one piece.

Moreover, the same private bidder, who bought the “couture corset with conical cups, beaded fringe and candy striped embroidery of opalescent sequins”, spent over $26,000 for a two-piece black Lycra labeled “Trashy” that was worn by Madonna in her performance of the song “Vogue”.

Gaultier revisited his previous design several times since creating the green and pink silk costume for Madonna, and transformed the iconic lingerie for the singer’s MDNA world tour. For the occasion, he decided to emphasize the architecture of the corset and added a contrast of masculinity and femininity to the piece.

During the same event, memorabilia fans spend huge amounts of money in order to acquire some former possessions of other celebrities. A white, pearl-embellished jumpsuit worn by Mick Jagger during The Rolling Stones’ 1972 tour was auctioned for $32,000 and a Fender guitar and a Mathey-Tissot which belonged to Elvis Presley sold for almost $13,000 each.