The Samsung Galaxy S III is the most wanted mobile on this Christmas wishing lists. According to the Telegraph, Samsung has dominated Britain’s smartphone market in November and occupies five of the ten positions in the Mobile Tracker top.

Samsung Galaxy S III most wanted mobile on ChristmasThe Samsung Galaxy S III continues to be the most popular mobile device as it offers the same iPhone specifications for lower prices. At the same time, Samsung hosts a series of innovative features that set the industry’s standards.

The following Samsung devices are all featured in the Mobile Tracker chart: Samsung’s Galaxy S III, S II, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Ace II and Galaxy Note II. In the same top, Apple smartphones occupy the second and third place, with the iPhone 4S scoring better than the new iPhone 5.

This situation is partly determined by the iPhone 5 contracts which require customers who use the Vodafone network to pay $76 monthly in order to acquire the smartphone free of charge, whereas the same customers have to pay only $68 for the iPhone 4S.

It seems like the smartphone users are still unsure that the extra display room the iPhone 5 offers alongside its improved camera performance are strong enough reasons to make up for the financial difference.

The LG Nexus 4 ranks fifth in the Tracker chart and the HTC One X+ is ninth. Both devices run Android operating systems and as such further Google’s dominance over the European market.

However, the affordable price that makes the Samsung Galaxy S III the most popular smartphone for November might not be enough to ensure the device tops the Christmas sales, as both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S price drops resulted in an immediate increase in sales.