Shannen Doherty called the police last month in an attempt to save a suicidal fan. According to, the cross-country call was made from Los Angeles to a dispatcher in Westhampton, NJ on Sunday, December 9th.

TMZ posted an audio file for the call Doherty made to 911,Shannen Doherty calls the police to save suicidal fan in which the actress immediately acknowledges the strange nature of her call. “My name is Shannen Doherty, and I’m an actress and there is a girl who is threatening to shoot herself,” she told the police.

During a series of Twitter posts, a 27-year old woman, whose name remains unreleased, sent Doherty direct messages threatening to kill herself unless the actress called her personally. The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star admitted to the police that she had no training whatsoever in handling a suicide threat and was advised by her security personnel to block the fan for her aggressive behavior. “I felt bad for her to be honest,” she added.

The dispatcher instructed Doherty to resume tweeting her fan and ask for her home address. The “Shannen Says” star wanted to keep informed about the unfolding events and asked the dispatcher to call her back with news if possible.

Towards the end of the 911 call, the operator admitted to being excited about having the famous actress on the other end of the line. “All my coworkers can’t believe I’m on the phone with you!” he said while assuring the actress that police cars have been dispatched to the suicidal fan’s address she provided.