The X Factor winner is country singer Tate Stevens. The 37-year-old won a multimillion recording contract.

X Factor winner is Tate StevensAfter the last edition of this “X Factor” season, over 35 million viewers cast their votes, deciding who was going to be the best performer in the competition: the 13-year-old from Westchester, N.Y. Carly Rose Sonenclar, country singer Tate Stevens from Belton, Mo., or the girl band Fifth Harmony?

In the end, Stevens won the hearts of the judges and of most viewers. The singer, whose winning was announced on Thursday night on Fox, has been given a $5 million recording contract.

Throughout the competition, Stevens was mentored by “X Factor” veteran L.A. Reid, who recently announced he was leaving the show. So far, Fox hasn’t announced a replacement for Reid.

The other judges this past season have been Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and, of course, the creator of the music contest, Simon Cowell.