Elizabeth Hurley told an Australian reporter to “f*** off!”. The 47-year-old actress lashed out as the reporter wanted a quick interview.

Elizabeth Hurley told reporter to “f*** off!”The actress was seen alongside fiancé Melbourne Stars cricket player Shane Warne at the airport in Perth earlier this week. The incident started with sports reporter Caty Price approaching Warne for a quick interview. She intended to get his comments on the latest game play, which got the reporter on Hurley’s radar.

While Price’s questions were falling on deaf ears on Warne’s side, Hurley walked over beside him and faked tripping over the reporter, as if she wasn’t even there. “Oh, gracious me! Don’t stand in front of other people,” she said as she bumped into Price.

The reporter switched gears and focused her next question on Hurley’s reaction to the game, only to receive an answer ending in a nice and round “f*** off!” The actual swearing wasn’t caught on film but Elizabeth’s leaning over towards the reporter and the words “I feel that you should…” were obvious.

Price wrote about the event on her Twitter account and filled in the gaps for the rest of us. “Being pushed by Liz Hurley and then told to f#** off by her too… Fair to say the Stars aren’t happy this morning,” the sports reporter wrote.

Hurley’s take on the incident is completely different. The actress didn’t even mention the outburst in a tweet posted roughly at the same time Price’s went on, unless “at the airport trying to resist the best pancakes,” stands for “I cannot stand nosy reporters” or for “my nervous system gets over stimulated easily.”

Whether Hurley will be able to watch her temper while the story of her fiancé’s game loss and possible suspension unfolds, remains to be seen.