Fans are concerned about the new “Star Wars” director. According to a report from The Warp published on Thursday, J.J. Abrams is rumored to be the director of the new Disney “Star Wars: Episode VII”. Whether the leap from “Star Trek” to “Star Wars” will be too much for Abrams to take remains to be seen.

Fans concerned about new “Star Wars” director Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm, both critics and fans speculated on who would be chosen to carry on the movie’s legacy and direct the brand new trilogy the film company announced they intended to produce. For the time being, neither Lucasfilm nor Abrams have confirmed the news, but the official announcement seems to be at the moment only a question of time.

The news took everyone by surprise for two reasons. First, Abrams is already involved in another legend sci-fi franchise, the Star Trek one. Second, the director told Entertainment Weekly in November that, although a fan of the franchise, he didn’t intend to take on the “Star Wars” job. “I have some original stuff I am working on next,” he explained during his interview.

Abrams showed his fondness towards the “Star Wars” franchise. He said that, given him being a true fan of special effects and always trying to figure out how every one of them was done, Star Wars was the first movie to blew his mind away in this regard. “… it was all so overwhelmingly and entirely great,” he added.

Abrams was not the only director to make it to the top of the list on Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy’s list. According to The Warp, Ben Affleck, awarded for directing “Argo”, was also approached. Affleck declined the offer as well, allegedly, as he did for the Warner Bros’ “Justice League”.

Until the news gets confirmed, both fans and commentators expressed their reaction to the possibility of the major two sci-fi franchises of the moment being directed by the same person on Twitter. Some were excited at the news, some were skeptical with the outcome, others considered the possibility of “Star Wars” being handed over to Abrams as more or less a disaster, and that not because the director is not fit for the job but because the two franchises should be kept nice and clean from each other in order to have their identities preserved.