Everyone has a different tactic when trying to lose weight and/or keep in shape: some exercise, some aim to eat healthier, some look for a shortcut to the perfect figure. Regardless of the path you choose to take, here is a list of trendy fitness fads you don’t really need.


Fitness fads you don’t really need


One of the most popular type of workouts as of late are the high-intensity ones, such as P90X, Insanity and CrossFit. All of these use functional movements that are supposed to mimic real life motions. As promising as they might seem, these kind of routines can become pretty expensive and, in some cases, yield little results.

CrossFit uses Olympic-style lifting, kettlebells and plyometrics and can cost up to $200 per month. The method shows encouraging results: building lean muscle mass, losing a lot of body fat in the course of several months. However, Jen Ator, fitness director at Women’s Health magazine, considers the approach is too brutal for beginners and cultivates a competitive culture that can push people over their limits and lead to injuries.

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to gain a healthier life style is staying away from gimmicky diets. These types of miracle short duration treatments give the illusion of fast results, but hide the huge toll they take on one’s health. Fast gimmicky diets can have severe, long-term effects on your metabolism and become a great threat for your health.

One example could be the Atkins diet, which reduces the intake of carbs and encourages the consumption of high fat and proteins. A study showed how subjects who followed the Atkins low-carb diet plan lost more weight at first than the group on the low-fat diet, but regained it all and more after 24 months. Ator considers that any diet that tries to restrict an entire food group is heading for failure as it becomes unsustainable in the end.

People with very busy schedules that lead to an erratic diet regimen often use dietary supplements. Keep in mind though, that there is a big difference between vitamins that can benefit your body, dietary supplements and fitness enhancers.