Madonna has her Beverly Hills mansion up for sale, with a starting price of $22.5 million. The pop icon continues her recent trend of dispending of her most expensive possessions.

Madonna’s Beverly Hills mansion for sale at $22.5 MilThis is the second house Madonna put on sale in the past couple of months. The 9-bedroom and 15-bathroom mansion was bought in 2003 for a price that was never disclosed but was estimated at $14 million by Redfin. The pop star remodeled the house before putting it on the market but will still make some profit if the sale goes through for her asking price.

The luxurious mansion includes two living rooms, a two-story dining room and a junior dinning room, two guest houses and a 500-foot long driveway lined with trees. Its most extravagant features are the assistants’ offices, the screening room and the “resort-size” pool. The future house owners will be able to keep in shape by using either the private gym or the tennis court the property includes.

Madonna, who has been spending most of her time in London lately, has another former house on sale as well. Alongside her L.A. mansion, she put her Upper West Side 6,000-square-foot apartment in Manhattan on the market for $23.5 million.

Even though all bets are still off regarding the “Material Girl” star ever repurchasing a home in L.A., one thing is for sure: her attraction to New York is far from burnt out. The pop icon acquired another Manhattan mansion on the Upper East Side a few years ago. This one has 13 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, nine fireplaces and stretches for 12,000-square-feet. Madonna has, reportedly, paid $40 million for her remaining NYC property.