Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom launches new ‘Mega’ website. According to the Associated Press, the indicted man decided to celebrate the anniversary of his arrest by releasing a product similar to the one who got him in trouble.

Dotcom launched a new file-sharing website that claims to offer greater user privacy and in doing so defied the U.S. prosecutors and overlooked the charges for facilitating massive online piracy.

The entrepreneur presented his new ‘Mega’ site at a part gala, part news conference event held at his mansion in New Zealand, on Sunday night. The event featured a re-enactment of the raid on his home that took place one year ago to-the-day with helicopters landing on the property grounds.


Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom launches new ‘Mega’ website


“Mega is going to be huge, and nothing will stop Mega — whoo!” Dotcom announced from the top of a giant stage set up in his yard, as fake policemen climbed down the side of his mansion.

While Megaupload was still functioning, Dotcom made tens of millions of dollars while the filmmakers and songwriters lost roughly $500 million in copyright revenues. However, the interest in the German-born Internet tycoon’s new website is rising, as more than half a million users registered in the first 14 hours after its release.

The U.S. prosecutors refrained from commenting on the new website launch but pointed out several promises Dotcom made in light of his one year old charges. While trying to have a bail set so he could be out of jail, the man said he wouldn’t and couldn’t start another Megaupload business before his criminal case came to an end.

Much like its predecessor, Mega allows its users to both store and share large files. The website offers 50 gigabytes of storage, a lot more than Dropbox or Google Drive do, and provides a drag-and-drop upload tool.

However, the major difference and what should protect Dotcom for new legal drama is the encryption and decryption feature for data transfers. The decryption keys for uploaded files will be held by the users not the website itself, which means the company won’t be able to revise the content of the shared files. As such Mega will not be liable for a content it can not access.

Dotcom argues that “if someone sends something illegal in an envelope through your postal service, you don’t shut down the post office.” The Motion Picture Association of America, the main complainant about Megaupload’s copyright infringement, was unimpressed with the way the new website is set out to work.

Charles Alexander, an attorney specialized in intellectual property law, said that Dotcom is trying to “give himself a second-string argument” as he can’t control what he can’t see.