Outstanding washer and dryer pairs for $1,500According to recent Consumer Reports’ evaluations, the best washers and dryers are usually chosen from the most expensive brands. Their top-rated front-loader washer with matching electric drier from Samsung retails for $3,100. However, if you are not ready to splurge on your kitchen equipment, you can check out the lower budget pairs that passed the Consumer Reports tests, starting with these outstanding washer and dryer pairs for $1,500.

First off it’s important to keep in mind, when in the market for a new pair of matching washers and driers, that the significant technological advances are made mostly for the first type of equipment and rarely for the later. So it’s best to decide what pair you want to buy based primarily on the features of the washer.

The most impressive lower budget pairs to have made it on the Consumer Reports list are the LG duos. The $700 WT4801C[W] is a top-loader with excellent washing performance and high-efficiency. Its matching pair is the DLE4801[W] electric dryer that retails for $680 and gets its job done wonderfully, but at the expense of some extra noise.

For the customers who prefer the front-loaders, LG offers the $720 WM2250C[W], which performs well but gives out some noise. The dryer that goes with it is the DLE2250[W], $800. The combo is the CR Best Buys.

Kenmore has a 2800 high-efficiency top-loader washer on the market for $800 and a matching dryer for $700 that offer large capacities and are rated Best Buys as well. Both devices are impressive at doing their job, but the washer is somewhat noisy.

Another good pair of front-loaders is the Maytag duo. The washer is the Maytag Performance Series 2000 MHWE201Y that retails for $630 and offers both great performance and large capacity but comes, again, with some noise. The dryer that matches it is the Performance Series MEDE201Y, $750, and performed wonderfully in all tests.

Whirlpool had on the market a combo that made the CR Best Buy list as well. The Whirlpool Cabrio WTW5600X[W] is a high-efficiency top-loader with a normal wash time of only 45 minutes that can be acquired for $750. Its pair is the WED5600X electric dryer that retails for $600. Both devices are noisy.