Overweight people got an exclusive line of gyms that aims to provide a supportive working out atmosphere. According to The Associated Press, the health club provides the trendiest equipment.

Overweight people get exclusive gymsDownsize Fitness is a packed-to-the-teeth with high-end equipment facility that has only one requirement for joining: its members have to be at least 50 pounds overweight. The establishment’s management went to extra lengths to ensure that their members feel comfortable while exercising. As such, the gyms have no mirrors and the windows are fogged. The gyms chain carries equipment designed for heavier people.

The exclusive gyms were founded by a Chicago entrepreneur, Francis Wisnewski, who has struggled himself with being overweight his entire life. The idea behind his establishments is to offer others what he had been seeking for a large period of his life, a place to exercise where everyone feels at ease. “I’ve been overweight my whole life, and I was embarrassed to go to the gym myself,” he said.

The first exclusive overweight gyms opened in Chicago and Las Vegas in 2011. One year later the chain expanded and now includes more facilities in Dallas.

People attending the exercising classes at the Downsize Fitness say that the best feature the gyms bring is the easy going and supportive atmosphere. The Dallas health club staff list includes Krisanne Hale, a personal trainer who is herself still in the process of losing excessive weight. She said that her condition helps the members relate easier and her own progress motivates them further.