Tanya Angus, a woman suffering from acromegaly, a disease that made it impossible for her to stop growing, died at age 34. The woman was over 2 meters tall and weighted more than 180 kilograms at the time of her passing, the Associated Press reported.

 Tanya Angus, woman suffering from acromegaly, diedTanya was a model as a teenager living in Las Vegas. Back then she was 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Toward the end of her life the woman was 7 feet and 2 inches tall and weighted 400 pounds.

Angus contracted a very rare disease called acromegaly that didn’t allow her to stop growing. In children, the same condition is known as gigantism. Her mother, Karen Strutynski, told AP that her daughter thought she got the illness because “God decided that I could handle it.”

Tanya did all that was in her power with the time she had to support other people going through the same ordeal as she did and to raise awareness towards the disease. She appeared on TV specials and news and talked about her condition which rendered her face misshapen and caused her to live in chronic pains determined by the constant growth.

The tragic twist in Angus’s life was caused by a non-cancerous tumour that appeared on her pituitary gland and determined the release of too much growth hormone. The illness affected every aspect of Tanya’s life, from constant pain, to bloated-from-medicine face, to custom made clothes, shoes and jewelry.

Before opening up about her condition, people blamed Angus’s use of a wheelchair to move about on her inability to keep her weight down. They were unaware that Tanya only ate one meal per day and that her medication made her face swell. “People were very cruel until she went into the media,” Strutynski reminisced.

Following her television appearances, Angus became an advocate for those suffering from the same disease and started corresponding with people all over the world in an attempt to help and comfort them. Her mission was to help others get diagnosed before the illness progressed beyond control. Her mother plans to keep the website running and continue her daughter’s mission.

An autopsy is still pending, but Tanya’s mother considers that her daughter’s death was caused by a tear in her heart and catching a cold.