“Fortune” specialists recently revealed their opinion on what Apple could release in 2013.Following a year that included the launching of two new tablets, a new notebook and a new phone, analysts predict bigger changes in Apple’s product catalog for the upcoming year.


What Apple could release in 2013 – top 5 products


Here are the top 5 products that are expected in 2013:

March could be the starting point on the major tech company’s agenda for 2013 with two products coming up: the Apple Radio, which has been discussed upon ever since October last year, and the iPad mini with Retina Display.

The Apple Radio will offer a free radio service, sustainable through ad revenues, affiliated most likely to iTunes that will give some serious trouble to direct competitors on the market, such as Pandora.

The iPad mini with Retina Display will be a mash-up between two successful products in 2012: the iPad with Retina Display and the iPad mini. It would only make sense for the company to release their new iPad in March, as such following its two-year lasting tradition: the iPad 2 was launched in March 2011 and the iPad with retina during the same month in 2012. The new and improved iPad mini with the retina function will provide the users with crystal clear images on a screen with pixels impossible to detect from a normal view distance point.

Given the mess the iOS 6 upgrade generated, when Apple users were cut off from popular apps like YouTube and Google Maps, the company is expected to come back hard with the iOS 7, that will be released most probably in June. The Apple’s maps app in its original form was so sub-par that CEO Tim Cook had to apologize to customers in September 2012 and go so far as recommend the use of competitor apps until the problem was taken care of.

The upcoming fall could foster another major release, the iPhone 5S that will be available starting September. Analysts consider this schedule for the launch would follow another Apple trend, since both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S were released in the first autumn month in the past. The new device will keep the iPhone 5’s looks in terms of screen size and width but will have its ‘insides’ revamped.

Specialists have been predicting an Apple TV hitting the market for years, however they are now more convinced than ever that the company will come around to actually launching one just in time for 2013’s holidays season. If so, the new device will probably vary between 42 to 55 inches and cost between $1500 and $2000.