A diet always means a huge list of forbidden foods, leading to frustration, the search of other gratifications and in the end, crazy cravings. Even though dieticians always tell us that dieting is the evil sister of healthy eating, sometimes it just feels right to “cheat” and lose more pounds in a shorter period of time. However, strict diets are a big no-no. If you decide to lose some extra pounds, don’t make the mistake of giving up your daily snacks.

The ideal number of meals per day is five, including breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks. These two secondary meals are very important in the feeding balance as they provide energy between the main meals. Giving them up, especially when you’re on a diet, is the worst thing you can do. Here are some ideas of healthy snacks you can try, not only when you are on a diet, but also when you are going through a cleansing cure and, basically, anytime.

almond snacksAlmonds. They are rich in vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper and niacin. Of all the nuts, they are the richest in nutrients and have about the same amount of calories. Eating almonds ensures good cholesterol balance and a beautiful, healthy skin. In addition, an everyday snack containing almonds reduces the risk of heart disease, protects the arteries, and regulates the blood pressure. Have a cup of almonds one hour before the main meal of the day (some people consider lunch the main meal of the day, others eat more at dinner) and it will regulate your appetite. You will eat less and feel lighter in no time.




olives snackOlives. A snack of olives should include only olives and should not exceed seven in number. This is the advice food experts give. The best olives to eat when on a diet are black olives. Experts say one serving per day improves your memory by 25%, and lowers your appetite by 22%. Since they contain oleic acid, they are also real plastic surgeons, reducing the wrinkles significantly. And – very important on a diet – they improve the intestinal transit.




 3 snacks you can have when you’re on a dietApples. The first, most popular benefit of eating apples is it raises your immunity level. Second, it makes you skinny. Dietitian Kerri-Ann Jennings, an associate nutrition editor of EatingWell Magazine, says that “apples satisfy hunger for few calories”, which is typically what diet foods do. Besides helping you shed quite a few pounds, apples keep your heart healthy, prevent diabetes boosts your energy level.