Beyoncé Knowles sang the National Anthem live at her Super Bowl press conference. The singer held a press conference on Thursday in New Orleans to discuss her future performance during the Super Bowl half-time.

Beyoncé Knowles sings National Anthem at Super BowlFirst thing was first, though. The artist entered the room, asked everyone to stand up and gave a flawless, live performance of the National Anthem followed by a simple “Any questions?”

The journalists were interested in more details concerning the events that took place at the Presidential Inauguration. Beyoncé said that she is a perfectionist in all she does, especially career wise, and she likes to rehearse before every gig in order to offer a perfect performance. She didn’t have a chance to rehearse with the orchestra for the Inauguration Ball. That plus the weather circumstances, the delay and the absence of a proper sound check made her feel uncomfortable to take the risk.

“It was about the President and the Inauguration so I decided to sing along with the prerecorded track, which is very common in the music industry,” Beyoncé explained. “I am very proud of my performance,” she concluded.

When asked about a possible reunion of her former girl group “Destiny’s Child”, the singer refrained from either confirming or denying the rumors, but kept a wide smile on her face and showed her excitement with their recent get-together for Love Songs.

The group recorded a new song together for the event and Beyoncé was beside herself with joy when hearing her former colleagues and herself harmonize together again. The experience was deemed by the artist as a true pleasure, both personally as well as professionally.

Beyoncé confirmed that she will be singing live for her Super Bowl performance and showed her confidence that everything will go flawlessly. “I am well rehearsed and I will absolutely be singing live. […] I’m ready”, she said.

Another topic of interest during the press conference was Beyoncé’s HBO documentary, which was released on February 16th. The singer explained how her baby daughter has changed her life and gave purpose to it and how the documentary was needed as an excerpt of her human side.

In the end, the singer hinted at a possible important announcement to be made after her performance at the Super Bowl and advised the fans to “stay tuned” to find out what it is all about.