At a recent event, model-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker revealed: “Modeling isn’t as stimulating as acting”. The “Battleship” actress says that she hasn’t landed a modeling contract in over two years, but that is because she is more concentrated on acting at the moment.

It’s something we’ve got used to over the years, to see models turn into actresses. Some have what it takes, some don’t. With Brooklyn Decker, we’ll just have to see. The beautiful blonde, who caught the attention of the media when posing for Sports Illustrated, has rethought her modeling career and decided she wants to focus on something else.


Brooklyn Decker: “Modeling isn’t as stimulating as acting”


At the world’s largest shave and kiss event hosted by Gillette, the 25-year-old spoke to omg! about her ambitions. Admitting that she hasn’t modeled in two years, Decker explained that “the traveling is wonderful and the people are wonderful, but without sounding horrible, with modeling you don’t feel as stimulated as you do when you get to really study something “, she said, referring to acting. “The challenges are different, so I definitely prefer it.”

Decker, who starred in “Battleship” and “New Girl”, reveals that she auditioned for a part in “Hunger Games”. “Not for  Katniss, but for a character in the second book that I loved”, the actress says, adding that she is a real fan of the franchise. “I read the books in three days, and cried. I worshipped the books. I was like, ‘I wanna be in the movie, I wanna do it”.

When talking about other types of movies she feels attracted to, Decker says she loves comedies and comedians. “I like to be around funny people, and that’s why I think I am attracted to working with them”, she said. Her favorite actors are Robin Williams and Jim Carrey; she thinks they are dramatic, “but still funny”.

As for her private life, Decker enjoys more time with her husband of four years, tennis player Andy Roddick, who has just retired in 2012. “It is just nice because he gets more time to relax”, she shared.